Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is a raku pot by Neil Boughton. A great friend and teacher who lives at Fitzroy Falls Australia. You just have to hear him talk, you'll pick up useful tips! He taught me a few tricks on the wheel too. It was fun making pots with him.

éclat > sparkle

“a burst of inspiration, the spark of a new beginning”

I’ve always embraced things intangible, where they cannot be perceived by the senses. They are more than just a feeling and yet an asset to be prized and an energy free to all with limitless horizon. The idea that the essence of that thought can be immortalized into a visual sensation is a thought worth exploring. Every being wants and needs to be inspired at least once in a lifetime and having new beginnings are without a doubt a part of life. The beauty of a sculpture is its 3-dimensional 360 experience, involving not just the sense of sight but touch as well. In ceramics, there is always an unglazed base to keep the sculpture or pot attaching itself to the kiln shelf, in this star shaped form, I am able to minimize the contact point with the shelf and also standardize all the pointed tip to give it uniformity throughout. This sculpture can be viewed from all angles and can be placed in any way possible that pleases the viewer. In hope that these sculptures may initiate and spark off newer thoughts with imbued ideas.
This is one of a spin-off series based on an initial concept of “Similar Differences and Different Similarities”