Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seeing infinity inspires a finite world

End of July 2008 I submitted this piece of work for a local sculpture competition in the Penang Island. Made out of cardboard and pvc pipes. It was great fun. The sculpture is about creating a symbol to represent Penang in a tomorrow's perspective. And it is also about spearheading a nation into a cyber mentality.
Here is a brief synopsis of my work:
A world of inspiration is a world aspired and motivated to simply better our lives. It is one of the most important ingredients to shape a better future. In the past we have seen its power manifested in creating the 7 wonders of the world, the masterpiece in music and art to the journey into space. This inspiration continues the legacy to the next generation of inspired people. These are the people to see and experience the fruition of inspired thoughts. We know the past and we see the infinite future ahead of us and we inspire as a nation: Penang - Malaysia - The World, and we can cyber the world into an infinite horizon.
The cube symbolizes the four corners of the world. The negative space within the cube forms an eye. The cylinder in the centre representing the pupil has two mirrors at two ends. There is a peephole from the center and bottom of the cylinder that allows people to see in. There are rings of holes along the cylinder to allow the natural light to penetrate through to illuminate the interior. With the mirrors at both ends, you will see a reflection of "infinity". Because this sculpture is about inspiring the people, thus interaction with the public is crucial to get the idea across. Fully metal chrome preferred to give a high-tech-look and strength to withstand the elements.