Thursday, May 8, 2008


The Quixotic Experience
A Chinese born out of China, traveled to a western world embracing a tradition of ‘wabi’ belonging to the Japanese culture; once again, the marvel of globalization, the modern world without borders. But the essence is still an age old one, finding the soul and breathing life into the beauty of the modest and humble. Finding an aesthetic where reason is motivated by perception and yet surrendering it all to the hands of flame within an Ogama kiln.
It was a magical experience from the first moment of igniting her and watching her come alive. Awakening the dragon from her silent sleep. For three whole days continually, these pots stood in her bosom, nourished and coloured. Imprinting the expression of flames on the pots.
My first artist-in-residency and Quixotica was the muse. I could hear my thoughts with clarity and it flowed through my hands onto the clay. Truly inspirational!