Monday, November 12, 2007


I had great fun distorting the faces from inside out. Thay are Januses actually though not shown clearly here. Will update with another photo soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

“It’s when people move that photos get lost. My mother moved between twenty and twenty-five times in the course of her life, and that’s how our family photos got lost….”
A wonderful prose written by Marguerite Duras that made an impression in my mind years ago and that impression was rekindled in a different light with the November 2007 issue of National Geographic and a novel by Umberto Eco which similarly talks about the mind and memory in the life we come to know and realize till today. They are like photos taken and put in albums within the mind. Our very existence depends upon it and somehow immortalized by the people we love and who loves us. The memory stays as a time capsule that we can hold on to and plays back to remind ourselves of the emotions felt and life experienced. “Common yet invaluable, habitual yet evolving.” It is so intangible that it is frightening to consider losing it all. Let this moment be cherished and remembered with this very thought!

memory [two of a kind]

memory [one of many]

An installation concept to occupy a small room or a corner of an exhibition space. Here I am exploring the idea of an experience walking through a narrow path across a floor scattered with numerous sculptures akin to these 3 photos. A similar interaction portrayed of ventures into our memories and life experiences represented here in a visual form.

memory [one of many]

There are visible surface cracks if you stoop down to look closely. Just SEE what you think! Life isn't a bed of roses and roses do have thorns.